Granny Bacon Skin

If you watch all episode of Yogscast, a fan made minecraft series, I think you will remember this catchphrase. It came from Granny Bacon, an old woman and a resident of Mistral City. She is the owner of the bakery in this town. After the two heroes arrived, she became Honeydew’s interest.
No one knows about his past. We assumed that she is now almost two hundred years old from Verigan’s Hold, same time when the Sand, the creepers, was released.  We have no idea why she moves to Mistral City and worked as a baker.
Granny Bacon first appeared in Yogscast in episode three. When the Mistral City burned down, she was kidnapped by Israphel, a ghost-like alliance. The two heroes, Xephos and Honeydrew, tried to save her but they could not. Bacon finally was turned into a zombie and killed by those heroes. Even she already dead in the story, but lots of people believe that she might still exists.
Granny Bacon Skin

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  1. First,download Granny Bacon Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Click profile,and browse your Granny Bacon Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Granny Bacon Skin:)
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