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Do you love the medieval era? Are you a fan of gargoyles and illuminated manuscripts? Do you eschew electricity? (obviously not on the last one, since you're using a computer...) Well, Wolfhound Classic Medieval variant of the original Wolfhound may be the pack for you then. Filled with drab colors, carvings, and illuminated inspired textures, you'll be able to build your ideal medieval castle with this pack.

Why Classic medieval?
There's a couple different styles within what's called the medieval era. This is made to look like what everyone typically thinks of when they think of that time period.
What's with all the Christian imagery?
This is a medieval pack. They were kind of into that sort of thing back then. There ARE illuminations that break the trend but... I'd get my account banned if I linked to them. Seriously. They're nsfw.

Explain some of the logic behind the textures.
The cake is a fig tart. They were big into tarts and stuff that was more savory than sweet back then. From personal experience, this stuff is delicious.
The end portals feature the Christian emblems so prominently because I figured... if the nether is hell, then why not make them believe that the End is heaven? Course, the poor poor villagers have it totally wrong, but hey... they're not the ones jumping through the portal, right?
The rose is monkshood and the dandelion is belladona. Both were plants I learned about when I took a class on medieval poisons. Yes. You read that right. It was an amazing hour of my life. The two hour medieval barber-surgeon class? Just as amazing but far, far more horrifying. I learned things that cannot be unlearned.

The rails are wood planks because there is pretty much no rail equivalent back then. Planks are sometimes used in areas where the ground is really muddy to help people keep their footing.
If you look real close, there's teeny tiny animal heads drawn on the netherbricks. That's because this is reoccurring theme in illuminations. Yes, I spend my free time looking this stuff up. I'm a nerd.
The pumpkins are turnips because they carved turnips back then instead. I may have been pulled into helping with a kid's event doing turnip carving one year. It was fun. No one lost any fingers.

Author: ThistlePack

Version: Minecraft 1.6.2

Resolution: 64x64
Minecraft Texture PacksWolfhound Classic Medieval 1.6.2

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