Fossil Archeology Minecraft Mod

You will become an archaeologist in the game Minecraft thanks to the fossil archeology mod for Minecraft presents an aspect of the game with a series of Minecraft. In the fossil archeology mod, players can search for dinosaur fossils and dinosaur eggs in the soil around the virtual archeology. Besides finding fossils, players can also use special tools to analyze and foster even ancient artifacts and fossils.

Fossil archeology Mod Gameplay
Players can venture Minecraft world looking for dinosaur fossils, ancient plants and other items such as skulls and also items such as organic material, bones, eggs, raw PORKCHOPS, slimeballs, eggs neck, milk and other materials. After searching for items, players can use the analyzer to analyze living tissue that can in some fossils. After analyzing living tissue analysis can be found fossilized DNA can be used to produce ancient egg. If DNA is found living fossil, the player can enter the DNA into the plant cultivation along with a selection of biomaterials, fossils in the hope of producing an ancient egg. Besides cultivating machine, also an archaeological desk that players can use to fake broken equipment using relics. There is also a blank order that players can use to organize their dinosaurs as aa clear that metal feeder and store different types of meat and vegetables in various containers storage silo for eating dinosaurs above.
Fossil Mod archaeological features
There are many other aspects of archeology fossils mod includes new items as well as new dinosaur crowd that included many different dinosaurs. There are items in the archeology mod as plant varieties that can be grown players, which explains a dinopedia dinosaur emotions and moods, as well as fossils and various secret items that can be useful collected. The mobs dinosaurs including dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Stegosaurus and many other dinosaurs. Also included in the crowd is a bunch of new animals as a Mammoth and Saber tooth cat.
How to install:
Download Modloader, Minecraft Forge and AudioMod
Install Modloader and AudioMod
Download Fossil Archeology Mod!
Drag the files to. Minecraft
Enjoy and play!

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