Agent’s Agriculture Mod Minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2

Agriculture Mod Minecraft - You have the advantage of food resources. Agriculture is the mod Mod agent last cultivation for all of you who want more food, weapons and monster plants are added to the game! With more than 23 plants and 80 kinds of food and more than 120 food items.

How to use:
Block Changer:
This item can change the direction of the block. Right click on a drying rack, network or networks with grapes in order to change direction.
Cheese molds:
Where to look for or put into crafting table with 4 curd cheese to make a cheese mold is full.
Cheese filled molds:
Place down and right click with bacteria to enhance turn it into a cheese mold is ready. A cheese molds ready with its bold yellow.
Cheese molds ready:
Destruction to get a cheesecake and a cheese mold.
Cheese Wheel:
Place down and walk through it to bounce into the air! Also included in the boxed table for 4 turns into cheese.
Seeds Extractor:
Put down and right click with fruit or flowers to get seeds from them. Check out the recipes tab recipes.
DNA Extractor:
Put down and right click with the different items to get their DNA. For example, right-click with lemon seeds to get DNA and DNA sour lemon. Check out the recipes tab for all the recipes.
Fabricator DNA:
Place down and right click with some kind of DNA to obtain the same form. For example, DNA garlic can be turned into a garlic bulb. Check out the recipes tab for all the recipes.
Dry rack:
Place down and right click with certain items then leave 1-5 minutes and the colors change. Right click on the drying rack when the item was "dry" to get the product dry. For example, right-click with 4 cigarette and waited a few minutes, then right click when they have a change to get brown as dried tobacco leaves.
Place down and right click to put some grapes to grape vines. To grow the grapes and click to be taken to get the grapes 2-4.
Place down and right click with a glass bottle. The bottles will appear inside. Then right-click with both 3 seeds, 3 or 3 olives whale fat to make filling bottles. Then right-click again to get the oil. Oil can be used as fuel for the fryer.
Place down and right click with the oil to fill the meter on the side. Seed oil for cooking 1 more than the product, full of olive oil to cook up 2, and whale oil filled it up to cook 5. Maximum rated chefs on 5 items.
Fryer recipes:
Is fish -> Personal Tools
Fishcake -> Tools Fishcake
Raw sausages -> Tools sausage
Raw pork -> wasteful Spam
Eggs -> fried eggs
Does Fries -> Fries
Potato Chips -> Crisps / Chips
Pig skin -> pork crackling
Recipes drying shelves:
Pig skin -> Skin
Tobacco (NOT LESS 4) -> dried tobacco leaves
Marijuana Leaf (4 no less) -> dried marijuana leaves
Recipes pressed:
3 Seeds regular -> Seed Oil
3 Olives -> Olive Oil
1 Whale Fat -> Whale Oil Fat
Secret DNA fabricator:
1 Garlic DNA -> Garlic
Seeds Extractor trick:
Red Flower -> Rose Seeds
Yellow Flowers -> Dandelion Seeds
Barley -> barley seeds
Rice -> Rice seeds
Cannabis leaf -> Marijuana Seeds
Cotton -> Cotton Seeds
Strawberries -> Strawberry Seeds
Tomatoes -> Tomato Seeds
Lemon -> Lemon Seeds
Orange -> Orange Seeds
Cherry -> Cherry Seeds
Lettuce -> lettuce seeds
Corn Cob -> Corn (maize)
Text -> pepper
Olives -> Olive Seeds
Pumpkin -> Pumpkin Seeds
Jack O Lantern -> Pumpkin Seeds
Melons (Block) -> Melon Seeds
Melons -> Melon Seeds
Wheat -> Seeds
Bell pepper -> Pepper Seeds (Bell Pepper)
Tobacco -> Tobacco Seeds
Parsley -> parsley seeds
Lavender -> Lavender Seeds
Grapes -> Grape Seeds
DNA Extractor trick:
Seeds Rose -> Rose thorns DNA + DNA
Dandelion seeds -> Dandelion DNA
Barley -> DNA barley
Rice County -> Rice DNA
Cannabis seeds -> + DNA Cannabis leaf DNA
Cottonseed -> DNA Cotton
Strawberry Seeds -> Strawberry DNA
Tomato seeds -> tomato DNA
Seeds of lettuce -> DNA Lettuce
Orange County -> DNA + DNA Sour Orange
Seeds Cherry -> Cherry DNA
Lemon County -> DNA + DNA Sour Lemon
Grain corn (maize) -> maize DNA
Pepper -> Text DNA + DNA bitter
Olive seeds -> Olive DNA
Pumpkin seeds -> + DNA DNA pumpkin expansion
Melon seeds -> Melon + DNA DNA expansion
Wheat -> wheat DNA
Pepper (Bell Pepper) -> target DNA (Bell Pepper)
Seeds of tobacco -> Tobacco DNA
Climbers -> DNA Vine
Iron Ingots -> iron Hardening DNA + DNA
Bullion -> Gold DNA
Coal -> Carbon
Parsley seeds -> Herb Parsley DNA + DNA
Lavender seeds -> + Lavender Herb DNA DNA
Grape seed -> DNA DNA + Vine grapes
Walnuts -> Nutty Walnut DNA + DNA
Onion seeds -> DNA Onion + original DNA
Salt -> DNA Salty
Sugar -> fresh DNA
Sugar -> sugarcane DNA
Mushrooms Brown -> Brown mushrooms DNA
Red Mushroom -> red yeast DNA
Carrots -> + DNA DNA carrot root
Potatoes -> DNA potatoes + original DNA
Cactus -> Cactus thorns DNA + DNA
Cocoa DNA -> DNA Bean
Crafting Recipes DNA table:
Lapis Lazuli -> Lapis Lazuli DNA
Cocoa -> Cocoa DNA
Leaves spruce -> Spruce DNA
Forest leaves -> DNA Jungle
Oak leaf -> Oak DNA
Birch leaves -> Birch DNA
DNA spruce -> Oxygen
DNA Forest -> Oxygen
DNA -> Oxygen
Birch DNA -> Oxygen
Strawberry - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Tomatoes - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Onions - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Garlic - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Ngo - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Cotton - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Pepper - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Bell Pepper - Pepper Grows to green, then yellow, then red. Using bonemeal to get one green, to yellow twice and three times for red.
Walnuts - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Tobacco - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
Marijuana - can be developed with fertilizer + Bonemeal
And much more
French fries
Ice Cream
Over 50 + more!
Agriculture agents Mod installed:
Installing the Forge
Credit: Agent_W
Agriculture agents Mod Download: (v1.0.1)

Download Agent’s Agriculture Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2

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