WarStuff Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

What is a mod WarStuff add Insta Cellar and tents. There are desert-style camouflage tent fuels and forests. Bunkers and tents made ​​with camouflage. It also adds 12 camoflauges different. 6 and 6 desert camouflage Forest. Camouflage Armor also added in this mod: deserts and forests.

Are you between war and you need quickly a Bunker or need to survive a night in the tent? If you want to hide your buildings in the desert or forest. Maybe you need a tent for the family? Then this mod is for you!

In the tent of the chest:
16 torch
2 door
16 coal
8 Porkchop data
1 bed

Download and install
Download WarStuff v0.1
Minecraft 1.5.2 Install fake
Drag the file into the folder mods WarStuff.zip
Have fun!

Download WarStuff Minecraft Mod 1.5.2

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