Mods XMachines 1.6.4

This mods XMachines It adds 4 new machines ( will add more )

-Snow Machine :It shoots infinite Snow balls !
-EnderMachine :It shoots enderpearls , but you need 1 gold nugget per enderpearl.
-Egg Machine : It shoots eggs, but you need 1 redstone per Egg.
-KaBoom Machine : It shoots Invisible rockets , but you need 1 nether star per Rockets ( Does an explosion of 80 blocks of radius)
( More to come )
-Engine :Use to craft the machines

How to install 
  • Download Minecraft Forge installer for 1.6.4
  • Open it with java platform
  • Click install for client
  • go to your .minecraft
  • open mods folder
  • Put in it

Credits: Spect99

XMachines - New Machines that Shoot different [Forge] 1.6.4 V1.4

Minecraft modsXMachines 1.6.4

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