Mods Explosives traps 1.5.2

This is a mod adding soem explosive ores. To activate: rightclick, activate with redstone or breack block.

Explosives traps It called the explosive traps. You got all the ores, but when you mine, redstone, or explodes the new ores, they will explode with a force of 100 TNTs!

This mod requires "Minecraft forge". You can get forge over there.
First press windows+r, tape "%appdata%" and press ok. You are going to are in the "Roaming" folder and you need to go in ".minecraft" folder and in the bin. Here you need to have "winrar archiever". Download winrar here. When you install winrar make you sure you have this three options selected : RAR ZIP and JAR.
When you have installed winrar, right click ino your "minecraft.jar", open with and winrar archiever. When minecraft.jar in open, open minecraft forge file, select everything in minecraft forge (not the ".." folder) and grag it into your minecraft.jar. After close all the windows and run minecraft. After minecraft run, close it and go back in .minecraft. Now you supposed have a coremods and mods folder. Go into your mods folder and drag the zip file of my mod into mods folder, close the windows, run minecraft and have fun!
Credits: ISFIGU75
Minecraft mods 1.5.2Explosives traps

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